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Keeping Your Battery Running in the Winter

Author: Danny
November 1, 2017

With winter coming quickly upon us, it’s time to start thinking about your car battery. As temperatures begin to drop, it becomes more difficult for your battery to have enough energy to start your car. There are some tips to keep your battery running throughout the winter, though.

Clean the terminals: take a close look at your battery. If there is any white powder surrounding your terminals, that is corrosion. If you have corrosion around your battery, the electrical resistance is increased, making it harder for your battery to work. Clean the corrosion off with basic household products or speak with your mechanic.

Buy a blanket for your battery: an electric battery blanket can help insulate your battery in cold temperatures. It helps to prevent the fluid in your battery from freezing. These blankets are inexpensive and simple to install.

Reduce the accessories that run on your battery: though it may be cold in your car when you hop in, it is important to allow the alternator to charge your battery a little before you crank up the heat or use other accessories. One way to help with this is to turn everything off before you exit your car, so your battery isn’t bombarded when it is started later.

Have your battery checked: have your battery checked regularly by a certified mechanic. The mechanic can help you determine how much life remains in your battery, so you’re not stuck with the dead one unprepared.

Working with Joe's Fence Contractor in Overland Park, I quickly learned the importance of maintaining my battery throughout the winter when I ended up stuck at a job site in the middle of a winter storm. Don’t let this happen to you. The simple steps above can keep you from being stranded in the winter.


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