The Benefits of Replacing Your Car Battery before It Dies

The Benefits of Replacing Your Car Battery before It Dies

The battery is one of the most important parts of your car. It is responsible for supplying power to the motor lights, the starter and the ignition system of the vehicle. Once a car engine starts to run, this responsibility is shifted to the generator or the alternator in the newer models. Most automotive batteries are made of lead and galvanic cells that generate up to 12 volts of current.

As we have seen above, a battery is one component you can’t do without. There is nothing disgusting as finding yourself behind the wheel of your car at night and discover that your battery has just stopped working. For any driver, there is nothing more important than checking and replacing a battery when time come. Nevertheless, most of us wait until it is very late not realizing that we are doing harm to our cars.

Corrosion Issue

Automotive batteries made of lead are greatly prone to corrosion which occurs due overfilling or electrolysis. This decreases the life of a car battery with time. This corrosion can also spread to other parts of your car and leave a lot of damage. This must be avoided by replacing your battery at least once in a year. You can get one at auto battery

Acid Fumes

Since these batteries are made of lead, old batteries release hydrogen gas which has several health concerns. These cells have several vents that allow the gas to escape. Consider replacing yours annually to avert this problem.

Environmental Concerns

Though lead batteries are safer than other types, older ones are an environmental menace in the long run. The presence of lead in these batteries is the greatest concern. You have to maintain them properly or replace them yearly. Learn more about maintaining you environment at



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